Channel Well Technology was established in 1993

As one of leading manufactures in the power supply realm we provide the whole world with high quality, high reliability product lineups applicable to many fields such as Information Technology (IT), Industry, Communication, and Consumer Electronics. Channel Well has gone the extra mile for the further development of power supply downstream products since 2003.
Not just for power supply but also expanded to wireless power. As one of the members of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), we are investigating the idea that we provide fully assembled and qualified wireless charging solutions to the end customer in applications such as system furniture, hotels, restaurants or a hospitality venue. We are specialized in developing wireless power solutions based on functional of WPC and A4WP. We continue to provide the highest level of standards in designing consumer electronics accessories to meet the market demand.


Our brand- CHANNEL WELL for the innovation of varies charging solution. We design the most compact charging products and solutions, incorporated the latest technologies for end users worldwide. Thus, Channel Well creates the best experience in terms of reliability and functionality.